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Thread: Should I get this new cable modem?

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    Post Should I get this new cable modem?

    I received a flyer from ATT@Home. It offers me to buy a Toshiba cable modem for about $100 to replace my Motorola modem and $10 will be deducted from my monthly $40 bill.

    I have been using this Motorola CyberSurf since July 1998. Will the Toshiba modem provide a better connections?

    Will the Toshiba modem work under static IP? The Motorola CyberSurf works fine under static IP and dynamic IP.

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    The Toshiba modem is better than any motorola modem, anyday. Take it. Works with static or dynamic, doesnt matter. What model Toshiba anywho?

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    All @Home provides is static IP's. Doesn't matter how you setup. (DHCP or static) They just reserve the right to change your IP at any time. Don't believe....Just setup your computer DHCP and change your computer name. Then reboot and see how good that connection is.


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