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Thread: DHCP problem?

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    Unhappy DHCP problem?

    I'm having a strange prob that I hope someone here can help with since neither RR or Allied Telesyn tech support seem to know what's going on....

    I just got RoadRunner about two weeks ago and I installed an Allied Telesyn AR220E Router/Firewall/Switch. The problem is that when the AT router gets a WAN DHCP addr from RR it gets a "bad" IP addr. When I say "bad" I mean that it's actually a valid IP/mask/gateway/dns addr and on the surface looks good but there's almost no connectivity... (i.e 50% ping success rate, no web pages, etc.). I unplugged my router and plugged my PC directly into the Surfboard 3100 cable modem and guess what, yep, it works great. Just for grins, I plugged my router back in and instead of using DHCP on the WAN side like I'm supposed to, I enter the IP/mask/Gateway/DNS addr's that my PC got from the DHCP server and BAM! The router's working great!

    Of course the AT folks don't have a clue so they RMA me a new router but same problem. Then they magically determine it must be a routing problem back at RR... so I do some digging and find posts here that talk about cable modems being "tied" to MAC addresses so I call RR back and tell em I want to change my MAC addr registration. Come to find out that my cable modem is supposed to automatically create this MAC addr association and to clear it out just power the thing off for about a minute. Just to be nice, the RR tech says he can reset the modem while he's got me on the phone. I thought this would fix it for sure but NAH. But the RR tech can see my MAC/IP settings and I'm looking at my router's config to see what IP addr it's getting and even though the cable modem has the correct MAC addr, it thinks my router should be and my router has So I cycle my router to get a new IP and it gets! I'm thinking great, now it'll work but no, so we cycle the cable modem the RR guy says "now your cable modem has" and my router has, and it keeps going back and forth. My router and the cable modem never get the same IP address!

    I know RR doesn't officially support the router so I don't press him too much on the problem. The AT router is fairly new only having been release last Oct so I'm hoping AT will figure it out sooner or later.

    Anyone ever experience this problem? I'd appreciate any ideas.

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    Kip Patterson


    Interesting. I just went through a similar problem yesterday. A surfboard 4100 modem would not learn a new MAC address. Also RR, and they say that the modem should learn a new address. I'd bet that something is not right in the router.

    Kip Patterson


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