"the White House's 80 years of exclusive rule are likely to become 80 seconds of hell that will burn to ashes. Those who resist Iran will be struck from directions they never expected."
- Islamic Republic's supreme guide Ali Khamenei

Iranian intelligence unit has established a center called "The Brigades of the Shahids of the Global Islamic Awakening," controlled by a Revolutionary Guards intelligence officer, Hassan Abbasi.
Iran's secret plans, which include "a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization."
"There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and in the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them."
"Iran's missiles are now ready to strike at Western targets, and as soon as the instructions arrive from Ali Khamenei, we will launch our missiles at their cities and installations."
-tape recording of Hassan Abbasi

and this tells of the above statements...

two security guards at the Iranian U.N. Mission were expelled from the United States, and allowed to sneak back to Tehran. The State Department says that they were "engaged in activities inconsistent with their duties."
The pair had been observed by the FBI for months moving around Manhattan videotaping landmark buildings and other infrastructure. It took an alert transit police officer to arrest them when he saw them taking video images on the subway tracks. They claimed diplomatic immunity and were not charged with any crime

The Shihab-3 missile, with a range of 820 miles, can now strike Tel Aviv or Jerusalem in the Jewish state or what Ayatollah Khomeini once referred to as "the little Satan."

With plans to develop the Shihab-4 and Shihab-5 in the coming months, Iran will soon have the ability to threaten European states and about half the rest of the world with long-range, intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads. The ultimate goal, of course, is for Iran to be able to strike the U.S. or "the Great Satan."
-Worldnetdaily 2003 July 8

Iran's decision to begin processing 37 tons of uranium yellowcake this month will enable it to acquire enough weapons grade uranium to build up to five nuclear bombs

recent discoveries by IAEA inspectors indicate that Iran is maintaining a clandestine nuclear weapons program

serious discrepancy in Iran's official declaration on its nuclear program was uncovered earlier this year when IAEA inspectors - many of whom helped to uncover Saddam Hussein's secret nuclear weapons program in the early 1990s - discovered that Iran had failed to declare that it had imported the design for an advanced centrifuge, which could be used to produce weapons grade uranium.
IAEA inspectors were also alarmed to find an ultra-sensitive radiation detection device at the site of Iran's Physics Research Centre in Teheran, where the government said it had been researching the impact of a nuclear attack on Iran.
When inspectors made a pre-arranged visit to the centre, they found that the Iranians had razed the complex to the ground, and removed topsoil from the surrounding area to a depth of two feet.
Western intelligence officials believe the radiation detection devices found at the site may have been used to identify and clean up traces of enriched uranium, to prevent a repeat of the embarrassing discovery made by IAEA inspectors at Natanz.
The first stage in the uranium enrichment process being undertaken by the Iranians is to convert the yellowcake to uranium hexafluoride. Once that has been achieved the uranium hexafluoride is spun repeatedly through a succession of centrifuges, the end result being weapons grade uranium.
Nuclear experts estimate that the 37 tons of raw uranium now being processed by the Iranians would yield 100 kilos (220lb) of enriched uranium, sufficient to build four or five crude nuclear devices.

"The very fact that Iran now possesses the ability to enrich uranium means that ultimately it has the ability to make a nuclear bomb.

"The Iranians have been playing games with us for years, and unless drastic action is taken to force them to observe their international obligations they will soon be in a position to threaten the entire Middle East region with their nuclear arsenal."

"Iran's nuclear program received significant assistance in the past from the proliferation network headed by Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan,"

Khan's network provided Iran with designs for Pakistan's older centrifuges and for more advanced and efficient models, and components.

Iran was trying to improve delivery systems and sought foreign materials, training and equipment from Russia, China, North Korea, and Europe.

Osama bin Laden and other leaders have said it was al Qaeda's religious duty to acquire nuclear weapons.

Documents recovered in Afghanistan showed that al Qaeda "was engaged in rudimentary nuclear research, although the extent of its indigenous program is unclear"

Pakistani nuclear engineer Bashir al-Din Mahmood, who reportedly met with bin Laden, "may have provided some assistance to al Qaeda's program"

Documents recovered in Afghanistan show al Qaeda has crude procedures for making mustard agent, sarin, and VX nerve agent, and had conducted research on biological agents. "We believe al Qaeda's BW (biological warfare) program is primarily focused on anthrax for mass casualty attacks,"
-C.I.A 2004 Nov 23