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Thread: ram question

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    ram question


    256MB PC133 144PIN SO DIMM HIGH DENSITY 16X16 BUILD = $35

    the site says i need the $95 ram my question is why wouldnt the $35 ram work their both made by the same company

    its a laptop dell latitude cpx 650MHz Intel Mobile Pentium 3
    and no its not from newegg .they dont have any pc100 ram
    i was looking at some pc133 ram, but alot of people was saying it didnt work when they got the faster ram , in the dells over at newegg
    thanks for the help

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    I would trust Crucial to get it right:

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    ya i looked thier and the ram thier is like 113 a stick.its a old laptop and a stick of ram went out on it. i just want to put a bandaid on it to get it running . its my wifes, and she only use it to watch dvd and play window games on it at work , and taking it with her to kirkuk iraq when she gets deployed in jan. after that we are getting a new laptop , so we dont want the best fix just a fix to get it running til she gets back

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    Older computers usually will not work with newer higher density module sticks of RAM. What it's referring the amount of RAM that each module on your stick of RAM has. older type of RAM stick that's 256 megs total, would be made up of 16 chips made up of 16 megs each. 16x16=256. You'd have 8 modules on each side of your memory stick.

    Newer types of RAM would perhaps have 8x modules of 32 megs each mounted on 1x side of the stick, or perhaps 4x on each side of the stick. Or even 4x modules total...of 64 megs each...mounted on one side.

    Older computer BIOS usually cannot work with individual memory modules being above a certain size in megs.

    These older types of memory aren't being made as much on the product line anymore, and/or of are limited stock, or are made in limited production batches...hence the higher price.
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