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Thread: Slow file transfer on Wireless Network

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    Slow file transfer on Wireless Network

    Heres the problem, I just transfered a 750meg file from my desktop to my laptop which took about 35 mins. My laptop is a Gateway P4 2.0 with a Linksys WPC11 wireless card and is situated about 6 ft from my Linksys BEFW11S4 router. The desktop is a Compaq AMD XP 3000 and is wired to the router. The firmware is updated on the router, and the drivers are updated for the NIC card in the desktop(Not sure what brand NIC, all it says is VIA compatible.) I haven't updated the firmware on the WPC11 card yet, but I will.
    I would really appreciate it if any of you guys can help me on this. If you need any other info(which I am sure you will) just let me know. I am pretty sure the transfer should be faster. Thanks .

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    There are SO MANY factors that could be involved.

    Have you run TCP Optimizer available here on SG? That's a good place to start.

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    We should take a look at the speed of the Wireless network Connection.

    Your Wireless network is only 11Mbit/second. Thats a lot like 10 Mbit/sec wired networks. On a 10 Mbit connection, It should take about 30 minutes to transfer a CD with 750 Mbytes of files on it.

    If you had a 54 Mbit or even a 108 Mbit SuperG network Router and Wireless card, you would see that same file transfer in a matter of Minutes.

    A CD with thousands of files on it, like a Microsoft OS or Office installation CD will take more time with the Network overhead for managing all those file, and will show an exageration of time as compared to a single file trafer of 750 Mbytes.
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    The above reply is right on... You could possibly set the adapter and source adapter to force highest speeds at full duplex but even then 802.11b is not very quick. A four port router such as that one isnt meant for serving large files either.. You should get into the routers setup page and tweak the wifi settings and for the time being set the network to OPEN with no encryption key. Make the beacon and dtim intervals lower as well.



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    wireless sux for transferring files...

    it's a simple as that..

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    As i have recently found out the advertised speed on that router is 11M but in real life it will only do about half that through the wireless connection.

    I have been told that any wireless router will only do half of its advertised speed through wireless.

    I have the exact same router and card. My download speed when hard wired to the router is rock solid 6000 down ... when i go wireless it tops out at 4600 with WEP 128 enabled and around 5000 without.

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