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Thread: Verizon DSL service advice-- Firewall advice?

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    Verizon DSL service advice-- Firewall advice?

    We have dial up now, but want to get DSL service, Verizon is the only option we have. I was told by a representative the router they give you has a "Built in FIREWALL", so we do not need our own firewall, then I go the the Verizon Q & A's page, and under Security, it says "We strongly recommend that you install a commercially available firewall (and antivirus) product." Was I given WRONG info? I want to know if the FIREWALL is NOT built in - which FIREWALL product do you RECOMMEND - that works the best with DSL service?

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    Well, If im correct, just recently Verizon started giving out theyre new line of modems. And its a wireless router and DSL modem, so it SHOULD have a built in firewall. I have a router on my cable modem, due to my VoIP service and it has a firewall built in, but I keep the XP one active just to be cool. Maybe they havent updated theyre Q & A's in a while. I had VZ DSL a while back and it was a crappy modem, so who knows.

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