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Thread: Wanna share DSL but don't wanna setup your computer as proxy? Look how EASY it is...

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    Red face Wanna share DSL but don't wanna setup your computer as proxy? Look how EASY it is...

    Yep. If you have a DSL connection you can share it with more computers.

    NIC card(s) depenting on how many computers you want to connect
    1 10Base-T 4port or more Hub/Switch
    Software - EnterNet 300
    A bit of brains

    1 Install the NIC cards in the computer
    2 Install Enternet 300 on all the computers and setup your DSL account on em.
    3 Connect the DSL modem to the Hub (if its a 4port mini hub then this port no will be 5)
    4 Connect your computer NIC cards into the hub port 1,2,3,4...
    5. Dial to the net using Enternet. Do this on all the computers

    Its just like 56k modem dialing on the net.

    If this information has proved usefull, drop me a line...

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    Most providers (like BellSouth) prohibit this. If they see more than one IP address on a single account, then they will disconnect service. A few people I know have had this done to them.

    True, it can be done (and I have done it a few times ), but I would check into whether your provider allows this before doing it.

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    My provider will allow up to three this is a great way to get by.. but with mine I don't dare try to get that 4th IP they just start cancelling out...
    Be careful with this. Call the ISP make sure they support this you don't need to loose the connection....

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