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Thread: BSOD problems galore

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    BSOD problems galore

    I am running windows ME, and recently have been having a gazillion problems.
    I have done virus scans, several different spyware scans, used norton utilities etc, and can not figure out what my problem is.
    The latest BSOD said this.....
    Exception OE at 0028:C003713D
    VxD IFSMGR (01) + 000046ED called from 0028:C0136DFO in VxD
    VkD(01) +00000640

    This will happen about 30 times a day ...mostly when opening internet explorer or trying to play a game...
    Any help out there?

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    What's the processor and memory of this machine?

    Granted Windows ME is generally not very well liked by those in the computer industry, but still, shouldn't be bombing out on your that many times a day.

    Is the a name brand computer or a clone?

    Did it start doing this recently, all of a sudden?

    It appears to be the same memory address that it crashes on, so it's probably one particular bit of code that's crashing. I can't find any references to the C003713D you have. I'm thinking it's network related.

    A few things I'd try first....

    Empty all your temp files.

    Run a thorough scandisk with repair, then a defrag. Do both in safe mode.

    Then update your motherboard chipset drivers, then all your other, sound, NIC, modem if you have one, any other devices that you have.

    Then run all your windows updates.

    When you scan for a virus, are you using a fully updated antivirus program?

    When you check for ad/spy/malware, use the latest Ad Aware, as well as Spybot Search and Destroy. Update each fully before scanning.

    Lastly, if this doesn't do it..can try to re-install Windows back on top of itself, should not lose any programs or data this way. Then repeat driver and windows updates again.
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    Hey momof6,

    I agree with SCat and his questions, and would like to add some more...

    How long has it been since your computer was formated and the OS fresh installed?
    What type /name of progs do you have installed?
    What peripherals (cameras, printers, etc.), do you have hooked up?

    0E errors can be very hard to troubleshoot... They can most definitely be bad RAM and/or motherboard, as well as software...

    You can spend a great deal of time trying to find/fix the problems... If it was me, I would reformat and install a newer/better OS such as 2000 or XP... If the problems remain (doubtful, yet possible...) then I would look to Ram and/or mobo. (You would still have a much better OS... )

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