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Thread: A few videos... Budweiser, Plane crash, Brent as a child, Chick fights, Freetstyles..

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    A few videos... Budweiser, Plane crash, Brent as a child, Chick fights, Freetstyles..



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    2 dead, 208 injured in China Airlines crash

    August 22, 1999
    Web posted at: 4:07 p.m. EDT (2007 GMT)

    From staff and wire reports

    HONG KONG (CNN) -- A China Airlines MD-11 carrying 315 people crashed Sunday in a tropical storm at Hong Kong's new Chek Lap Kok airport, killing two people and injuring 208.

    Flight CI642 from Bangkok, Thailand, was unbalanced by "an overly hard side wind," said Scott Shih, a spokesman for Taiwan's national airline. The plane crashed during the weakening Typhoon Sam, which had forced airport officials to delay or cancel many flights due to high winds and rain.

    The names of the dead passengers were not released.

    "At about 100 meters (300 feet) from the runway, people at the back started clapping," in anticipation of a smooth landing in spite of the storm," said passenger David MacDonell. "And I thought it was the kiss of death, and it was."
    A woman injured in the China Airlines plane crash is taken to a Hong Kong hospital

    Flight CI642 was en route to Taipei, a government spokeswoman said. Eyewitnesses said the jet caught fire as it prepared to land: The right wing hit the runway first, then the plane flipped over and the fire spread.

    "I saw the plane, like a fireball coming down," said Toshi Hoshino, a passenger who was changing planes in Hong Kong. "The right wing hit the ground first. The left side of the body then followed."

    The crash occurred at 6:40 p.m. (1040 GMT), and everyone aboard had been evacuated by 7:30 p.m., an airline official said.

    Witnesses told a Hong Kong cable television station they saw a ball of fire as the three-engine jet approached the runway.

    "The flight was on fire before it landed," said a U.S. businessman, who saw the accident from an airport restaurant where he was waiting for a flight. "It left a trail of fire, five or six times as long as the plane. They seemed to have problems containing the fire. It was so windy."

    The $9 billion Chek Lap Kok airport, just off Hong Kong's Lantau island, opened in July 1998 to replace the cramped Kai Tak Airport in Kowloon.

    Hong Kong Bureau Chief Mike Chinoy, The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

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    Wow that beat down was awful...that poor guy. I wonder what the guy was saying that kept hitting that poor driver.

    The rappers were cool...The asian guy OWNED him.

    On one of the pages you posted...found this cool video.Was Pretty Wild!
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    lol, that kid on the bike has got some balls. I learned to ride a bike at 3 without training wheels, but I never did that kinda stuff

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    Very odd Asian bus drver beat-down.. ?
    If I was the cop I'd SOOOO be giving that coxsucker some justice off camera!

    Cool vids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    Way to go!

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    OOooooooo Kayyyy.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    It all makes sense now...

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    Never mix PMSing chicks and great bulk buying savings!

    Somebody's having to much fun video editing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    Lol, yeah saw that on his show. Funny stuff!

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    Good for him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    Sweet! Asian guy hands DOWN!

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