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Thread: download stops when "File Download" window appears

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    Post download stops when "File Download" window appears

    When I download a file using my IE browser version 5.5 (Windows ME), download stops immediately. It appears that it will download 2 KB only, then stops. It doesn't hang because I can cancel and go to other stuff. Even screenshots (from games) only partially load.

    I used one of the patches from speedguide, suide_tweak_98.inf awhile back and I may have tried a few other little things from those pages...quite frankly, I don't know what the hell I'm doing so I often get myself in trouble like this...

    I've never used a download manager but I once had a newsgroup manager called newsbin but I can't see how that could have contributed to this mess.

    Any ideas and you get my first born--he's 22 and a prize.

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    JL Sparks


    Are you running a firewall? I noted that when I initially installed Norton Internet Security I couldn't get past "File Download" (ie: the download wouldn't take place.) I currently disable the firewall when I'm downloading from an FTP site, since I haven't had time to fix the ruleset.

    Hope that helps.

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    Try useing your repair tool on IE5.5. You can get to it by going into system Information on your menu. When you click on this open tools and click on internet repairs/ repair internet explorer and see if this helps.


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