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Thread: One computer wont connect with no SSID broadcast

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    One computer wont connect with no SSID broadcast

    Alright, I have 4 computers on my linksys g router....Three of them work fine when I dont broadcast the SSID...but one of them will not work if the SSID is not broadcasted? What gives, I set it up the same way...

    Any ideas?

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    I'm assuming their XP machines, just keep messing with the wireless options. I've seen this before and dont really have a good solutions other then disable XP's wireless management and use the software that comes with your wireless adapter.

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    Actually, qball, that is exactly the problem. The XP Zero Wireless configuration cannot connect to a wireless router that doesn't beacon. I ended up solving the problem by disabling the XP configurator, and using the D-Link one.

    courtney sends....

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    I tried setting his up using the linksys monitor software...and it still will not connect unless the SSID is transmitted....My computer, which has teh EXACT USB ADAPTER & the same linksys software works fine....

    Any other ideas?


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    Have you tried an uninstall/re-install? If not, try it. It might just work.
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