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Thread: Slow speeds, cause found

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    I got this e-mail today:

    "Hello Bryan,

    I have talked to our engineers again and they said that the slowdown does not appear to be because of increased traffic, but a problem with UUNET which is one of our Internet Backbones. They are putting a case ticket in with UUNET to have this looked at. I will let you know when I hear anymore details.

    Thank you,

    Buckeye Express"

    How long does it take to fix a backbone?

    I have been getting super slow speeds for the last week. I guess this is why.

    Well, at least they are doing something about it unlike other companies *cough @Home cough*

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    THe engineers messed up ours, and its been this way for about a month..speeds have dropped down by 3mbps..
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