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Thread: share files without a hub

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    Post share files without a hub

    Have 2 PCs (both fast), 2 cable modems (2 separate IP addresses), 1 NIC card in each (attached to the cable modem), and want to share files (map drives) between each computer using the net rather than setting up a home LAN (distance is big between PCs). Have read a lot about sharing a cable modem between PCs but not the above. Not sure where to start. Much thanks for help.


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    Setup a little FTP server for your self on one or each mahcine and share file that way. If you wanna map network drives via: the internet you looking / asking for trouble and you'll be open for a good hacking. You could enable file and print sharing, call your local cable co and see if the block ports 137 - 139 and if they do have emm opem them up and you'll be wide open to all your neighbors on the same node and open to other on the net. Then you could map network drives via IP, password protect your drives also but I'm sure there's a loop hole with that.


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