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Thread: Dlink DWL120e

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    Dlink DWL120e

    I am trying to install it on new p4 3ghz pc runing xp pro. but it doesnt work out. some time i do see the DWL on the device manager, some times dont.
    some times with exlametion mark. some times getting an error " no wireless card found" . i downloaded the drivers from Dlink site as they recommended.
    also some times when the pc is runing and i connect the DWL to the usb cale the pc shuts off.
    then i installed it on old P2 pc and have no problem at all.
    is it possible that all the usb ports of the new pc are usb2? or the DWL doesnt support usb2 OR ....
    I appreciate any help. thank you

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    USB standards no matter what version are backwards compatible so i doubt that is the issue, i would think of trying your wireless USB adapter in someone elses PC to see if you can isolate the problem to either the wireless adapter or the PC itself. sometimes you run into bad USB ports but rarely bad USB products such as your wireless adapter. also try it on different operating systenms as well such as windows 2000 and windows xp. Just some options to try.

    Be systematic, patient and objective.

    Good Luck!

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