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Thread: Anyone successfully use a bluetooth cell as modem?

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    Anyone successfully use a bluetooth cell as modem?

    I have an iPAQ H2210 running Windows Mobile 2003 and an Ericsson T637 with Bluetooth. I have successfully created a partnership between them, but when I try to dial into a dial-up connection from my PDA, the phone dials, but doesn't seem to wait long enough to make a connection before disconnecting itself. My PDA then tells me that there is no modem at the number dialed.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


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    Do you have modem dialing service through your provider? Most cell companies can provide this, but charge an extra fee since it limits their ability to compress the call. Understand, a voice call can be compressed down to 8k or even lower to 4k (or less) with minimal issues. A 56k data stream cannot. This is important to cell phone providers as they pay for bandwidth used. If you want to do data calls most require you to pay extra and/or dial *through* some data call number (You dial their number first, which sets up the line, then you get a dial tone and dial the modem number you want to reach).


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    Thanks for the reply. However I am convinced that the provider is not the problem for two reasons. First, the phone is disconnected long before the dialing is complete, therefore data hasn't even begun to be passed over the phone network. I'd imagine that if the network could not support the bandwidth requirements of a 1900 baud modem, that the connection would be made, just the data would not be successfully transfered. And second, I had a representative of the provider phone a tech to confirm that it was in fact possible to call a dial-up ISP through their cellular network, and he replied that it was, however they no longer support hardware set-ups.

    I'm beginning to wonder if the software that was provided with my PDA is the issue.

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