Hey everyone. I'm in Lilburn, GA, on MediaOne(AT&T) cable. I posted a while back about the problems I was having after 8PM or so, just as the whole east coast starts going into overdrive on Napster. Those familiar with MediaOne know that there was a problem with a router in NC (I think) that was killing everyone in the southeast's pings. Presumably, this has been fixed, as I no longer have 800ms pings to every place I do a traceroute to. Unfortunately, there seems to be another problem. Around peak time, the 5th hop out from me to anywhere hits 200ms. As it is not peak time right now, I don't have the IP, but BadKarma made a post below in the messageboard with the same problem..I suspect that the router in his post is the same one. This router KILLS my pings. Yes, I am a gamer, I play lots of online games, and I am relegated to playing sub par AI's while everyone else not using AT&T gets great pings everywhere after 8PM. Complaining to MediaOne gets me nowhere..they send technicians out to check my line (here's a hint, the problem is not at my end). To top it all off, my phone lines are out of spec for DSL at the moment (very bad phone lines in my area) and there is no hope for a new connection until at least November 22nd. How lame is that?