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Thread: Need advice for mondo soho network design

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    Question Need advice for mondo soho network design

    Hello All, and thanks for this great board!!!

    I'm looking to setup up a pretty decent home-office, where I work all the time, and I'm looking for some insight into good and bad products or methods, etc.

    I have a Biz-Class 1.5M SDSL connection coming in a week or so.
    I want to setup VOIP, FW, VPN, 802.11G to the rest of the house.

    My first question is: What are the important ramifications re: the DSL Modem I purchase, and can you recommend or advise against any particular brands/models. For instance; would my choice of modems impact my ability to use VOIP? Are there modems with built in VOIP ports for use with a regular phone, or is that more at the router level?

    I guess I better leave this post to just that one topic, and inititate other threads later. If this post is too broad, please let me know and I'll try to revise it.

    I really appreciate any insights anybody has to offer.


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    well I see by the 802.11G you are going with the 1G wireless router. you need to watch out for a few things to do with a wireless phones in the house. a 900Mhz phone can mix with your DSL connectionand a phone in the same band as your router and realy grind your network done to a stop. ie 2.4Ghz phone and 2.4G router are trying to use the same signal.

    sorry I don't know much about VOIP so I will let someone else cover that.

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