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    Why Why Why

    you've probably hears this question millions times before but!. today i was doing some Work on the pc and had a few things open and then it all froze wouldnt let me do anything.this is a farely new pc couple months . i got AV firewall Ad-ware Ccleaner blah blah (if that helps) this is the first time its happend to me ? WTH ?

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    Yeah this is Life in the fast lane.

    You can get every thing and still something will be "Dished" to you through the page code.

    The following is variety of tools and measures that might help.

    Which one in particular? It is hard to guess!

    First read this and follow some of the links:

    Link to: Internet infestation -Or, how you are getting Internet “Junk” in and compromise your Computer/Network?

    You can also try these programs.

    Link to: CWShredder 1.59.1.

    Link to: WinSockFix.

    Link to: LSP-Fix.

    If it does not help try to reset the TCP/IP Stack.

    Link to: How to Reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in Windows XP.

    If finally it is working; Optimized the TCP/IP stack.
    Link to: Optimizing & Measuring the "Speed" of Internet Connection.

    Microsoft MVP - Networking.

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    OK thanks ill try that and get back to you thanks again!


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