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Thread: Tcp Optimizer issue

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    Tcp Optimizer issue

    OK, so I follow what it says to do, and reboot. Then my speed is insanely fast, like aproaching 5bits/sec, but then within a little bit it goes down to what it was when I was enticed to find a solution, which is about .6mbits/sec.

    Has this been a common problem? How do I alleviate it? I love the speeds I'm getting, but I would like them to stick around for a while.

    I use a laptop, and a wireless adapter that is 802.11g compliant. I'm not sure, but I think there may be a correlation between unplugging the laptop and the speed decreasing, but why would it so drastic? I am saying, when I run the speed optimizer, and then test the download, I get the 5mbits, and then when I unplug it is when it seems to go right back to the way it was prior to my running the optimzer.

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    OK, so last week I was at wal-mart and saw a usb 2.0 802.11g wireless adapter for like 39 bucks from a company called Blitzz. I'm like.. hm, all this stuff is generic anyways, right? Well I think I proved myself wrong. I stuck my old netgear card back in, and it's worked fine, and I'm getting 4-5 megabits per second steadily without decrease. That Blitzz adapter that I bought would heat up really really badly when it was being used. I think it was somewhat faulty. Do you think that it's possible that the adapter's performance could decrease, but not cease?

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