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Thread: Have a question about dsl and using two modems...

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    Question Have a question about dsl and using two modems...

    I just got dsl activated..
    came with free modem and self install kit.

    Now I had dsl previously at another residence but cancelled it when cable was available. So I now have 2 DSL modems..

    My question is... is there anything to stop me from hooking them both up ? will they both work ? will I be charged extra ? will they even know I have two modems hooked up ?

    Not sure I'm actually gonna go ahead with this but I am definitely curious about it.

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    No, that won't work. It would be just like having two dial-up modems try and use the same phone line. Now that is just an analogy, not scientific/technical by any means. Just gives you an idea of why it won't work. But no, I have two modems and one account and it does not work. I even called and asked to make sure and they said, and I quote, "No, that won't work."
    I sure wish it did though. =[

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