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Thread: Home Network Problems - Struggling!! Need help

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    Home Network Problems - Struggling!! Need help

    I am really struggling trying to get a home network to work. I have 2 pc's I'm trying to connect in a wireless network. My primary pc is a P4 3.0 Ghz, 1 G RAM running Win XP Pro. I have a DSL modem providing my ISP (AOL) link thru a phone connection. This feeds the internet into my Netgear WGR614 wireless router which is connected to my pc thru an ethernet cable. My other pc is a P3 500 Mhz, 640K RAM running Win 98SE. It contains a Netgear WG311 wireless card.

    I have configured network settings on each pc to enable File and Printer Sharing. I am able to share my DSL internet connection on both pc's. I also can see each computer and its associated shared folders and printers in my Network Neighborhood on each pc. However, when I attempt to open one of the P4 folders on the P3 computer thru Network Neighborhood, I get an error indicating:

    Exploring - P4

    \\P4\My Documents is not accessible. Not enough memory is available. Quit some programs.

    However, there is very little currently running as background tasks on my pc (AVG antivirus and Netgearag). I have 85% of system resources still available. Even if I close AVG, I still get the error. I can't close Netgearag since this provides my file and printer sharing capability to the other computer. Only Explorer and Systray remain as background processes.

    I am able to access network files and printers fine from the P4 pc.

    I have really struggled to get my home network operating to this point. I have spent literally 40-60 hours trying to set up, configure, tweak, etc.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the file and printer sharing working on my P3 pc so that this memory issue is not interfering?

    I really could use some help. Thanks.

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    As I see it you have everything setup right. The network works, and the shares are there to access. The only problem lies with a Win98 machine giving 'out of memory' errors.

    There shouldn't be a problem with memory (assuming you made a mistake and 640k of ram really means 64 mb)
    I have the same setup, only it's wired, and it's cable internet, makes no difference though.

    I would look into a virus, or a spyware problem on the 98 machine.
    Another possibility would be lack of space on your HD for the swap file to grow into if it needed to, but that's a longshot.

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    Have you checked the status of the XP firewall in your network connection on the P4? It may be on, blocking requests from the other unit. If you recently installed SP2 on the P4 that willl turn the firewall on and that may be your problem.

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    Your Windows 98se machine....guessing you mean 640 megs of RAM? Windows 9X would act wonky when 512 megs or more of memory was installed on the system. In reality, Win98 cannot really utilize past 320 - 380 megs of RAM very well, oh can recognize it...but it really can't do a thing with it past that mark, it's beyond its grasp. Add to that, if you have 512 megs or more....the VCACHE in Win9X will usually go unchecked. Try the vcache settings in the links below...
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    Home Network Problems - Struggling!! Need help

    Hi did you get an answer to your problem, I have exactly the same problem. However I can share the 3 1/2 floppy and the CD-R drives.

    I have 640 MBytes RAM. Trying to connect between XP home and WIN98SE. The XP computer can read all of the WIN98SE but not the reverse.

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