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Thread: Resolution - Resampling - Resizing etc...

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    Question Resolution - Resampling - Resizing etc...

    I'm starting to play with my new Olympus C-50 taking pics in different resolutions and then I'm manipulating them in Corel PhotoPaint. I understand that if I shoot in a high resolution and then resample it down to a lower resolution that I lose a certain amount of clarity but I was wondering if there was some rule or effects that can be used to retain as much "clarity" as possible during resampling. I guess what I really need is a link to a site where I can find some basic rules for shooting and massaging a pic to keep it at it's best.

    BTW... I am photo literate and have shot 35mm, developed my own film so I understand the camera angle, I just need help with finalizing my pics.

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    Easto: I just got a Digital Rebel and am too trying to find the fine line between file size and clarity. What you need to do is just keep playing with settings and figure out where you can handle seeing your precious shots losing their crispness in the name of KB savings. I usually export mine in PS-CS at about 1024x768 @ a quality of 5 or so. This usually isn't too bad. All of my family is on high speed, so size isn't too much of an issue.

    I guess it is totally due to what you are planning to do with the photos.

    Good luck!

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