There is a gentleman I know whom is interested in securing a person knowledgeable in PHPBB, in order to build him a website. Here are some quotes from IRC.

[09:47] <OldIronsides|OISRadio> hey man..long time no see
[09:47] <OldIronsides|OISRadio>
[09:48] <OldIronsides|OISRadio> I'm looking to get a totally custom built php template I can load up
[09:48] <OldIronsides|OISRadio> star wars themed for our new league Star Wars Gaming League
[09:48] <OldIronsides|OISRadio> I want something totally custom, not a shell with just the bells and whistles changed
[09:49] <OldIronsides|OISRadio> I just want to make sure no one else has our template, so ours is unique
[09:49] <OldIronsides|OISRadio> so...
[09:49] <OldIronsides|OISRadio>

Anyone willing to contribute would be extremely appreciated. There has been mention of paying the person, as to what amount has yet to be said. Contacting this person would be the best bet. . OIS is known for great commentary of Battlefeild 1942 shoutcasts. He is a staple in the 42 community and is a great guy. Building this website so he may continue this onto the Starwars Battlefront would be awesome! Again Please anyone that has knowledge of websites and has time to build it, please, please, contact him. Many people are looking forward to this game.