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Thread: OH NO!!! HD crash

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    Unhappy OH NO!!! HD crash

    Yesterday morning I was using my machine and then xp popped up a "Write disk failure" message when I tried to access Explorer. My computer froze so I rebooted. Upon reboot, windows ran chkdisk and promptly began to dump all my files from the all happened so fast I didn't know what was going on. This is a secondary hd for file storage.

    So I got a copy of Easyrecovery pro and tried to recover my data. For some reason it was not able to do a simply recovery restoring everything as it was before...meaning files labelled and placed in proper folders according to the prior file structure. Instead I was only able to get the files performing a RAW recovery but this is quite nuts since all the files are mixed up all over the place...simply placed in folders assigned ***.bmp or *** get the picture.

    Is there any way I can restore my files as they were before....meaning all my apps and mp3's and comic scans restored in the proper folders with the proper naming?

    This is aside from taking the HD to a professional and paying out big bucks.

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    Not sure about recovery pro, but the recovery software I have used is the way you described. Basically; hunt, rename, save, repeat approx. 1.8gazillion times

    Sorry, maybe someone will help you more than me

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    Download Samsung's HDD diagnostic tool and check your drive.
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    The very best program I know of to repair a HD is SpinRite 6 from It can do amazing things, and may even fix your HD problem alltogether.

    It isn't free though.

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