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Thread: Release of NOD32 for Windows v2.12.1

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    Thumbs up Release of NOD32 for Windows v2.12.1

    Release of NOD32 for Windows v2.12.1
    I'm glad to announce the official release of the new version of NOD32 (2.12). It is available for download from our website Though it is possible to install it over the current version, we highly recommend that you uninstall the current version of NOD32 and reboot your machine before installing the new version.

    NOD32 2.12 will be available as a standard program component update soon.
    If NOD32 detects a probable NewHeur_PE virus, we will highly appreciate if you quarantine the file (this option will be enabled by default) and send it from quarantine as an attachment to (it's intentionally sample and not samples, though both addresses work).
    << MORE INFO >>

    r u xprincD

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    You beat me to it !!!

    Thanks hayc
    You beat me to it, as I came over to make the anouncement, then saw yours.
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