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Thread: 22+ year old Jeep rescues Hummer H2 in parking lot

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    22+ year old Jeep rescues Hummer H2 in parking lot

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    seen and heard nothing but garbage about them and there off road capabilities...seem like there more lux than anything

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    i dont care who you are that there is funny!



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    LOL, nice.

    Reminds me of an offroading trip up in the mountains of New Hampshire the 4x4 club I belonged to at that time went to. The "hosts" were a Bronco club, most of our club was made up of Jeeps, a few Toyota's, and a couple of Suzuki Samurais (they are actually VERY good off road)

    Naturally there's the brand rivalry going on...and at the beginning of the trail, the head of the Bronco club tries to get a dig in. "Now up here, we have a lot of large domed rocks that can cause problems with your Jeep owners, you'll get hung up on your spring hangers."

    ///Jeep owners all grumble a bit, clench their fists///

    About 5 minutes into the beginning of the run....the leader, driving his Bronco II, gets hung up.

    ///Jeep owners get a big grin///

    One of our guys, in an old CJ-7, pulls out his snatch strap, pulls the Bronco free....and all Jeep owners proceed to proudly pass over this big rock, with grins on their faces.

    Lots of little digs going around on the CB that day at every obstacle.
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    H2's are crap for what a real hummer is supposed to do, I mean they are built on a silverado frame if that tells you anything (its a silverado or yukon or something to that nature, the big GM SUV's that are good for nothing but to carry people). Ive seen so many of those snap axles like nothing trying to go off road.

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    It at least used to be a Suburban frame. What Idon't get is the fact that there is not that much room in those things. They are huge, but don't have much space for your stuff.

    I would take just about ANY other SUV over a H2, now an H1 is another story

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