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Thread: Wireless USB LAN adapter?

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    Wireless USB LAN adapter?

    I have a hardwired home network using an Alcatel speed touch home DSL modem, a Netgear RT 314 gateway router, and three computers, two XP and one ME. I have purchased a new HP zx5000 notebook, for my son, which can connect to the RT314 through the spare RG 46 connection, and works fine. But when three of us are on the desktop computers, the hardwire connection forces my son to set up his notebook next to my computer, because I don't feel like running another wire through walls to his bedroom. He is 18 and finally going off to college. Anyway, I would like to make a wireless connection for his notebook, since it came equipped with the 54g(TM) Integ. Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN & Bluetooth wireless capability. Since I have not delved into the wireless world, and am short of time for research, I would like to know what hardware I would need in order to make a wireless connection to the LAN. Either an adapter that would connect to the spare RG46 connection on my RT314 router, or a USB adapter that would connect through one of my XP machines. If I can do this, then my son wouldn't be in my hair as I am trying to work in my computer room, and I won't have to run more wire. I have thought about going totally wireless, but my old hardwire system works fine and from a security standpoint I don't know enough about wireless security to make the jump yet..
    I would appreciate any help, especially on a specific adapter that has proven reliabilty when connected to a Netgear router.

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    Welcome to the Network forum.

    Technology wise the solution is to buy an Access Point, plug it to the open port on the Router, set it up and done.

    However Access Points are more expensive than Cable/DSL Routers.

    So you might want to buy a New Wireless Cable/DSL Router to replace your current Router. Or you can configure the Wireless Router as a switch with an Access Point and plug it into the Netgear.

    The following pages might help:

    Link to: Wireless Cable/DSL Router or Access Point What should I get?

    Link to: How do I use a Wireless Cable/DSL Router as a Switch with an Access Point?

    Link to: Wireless What Should I Get?

    Once you get the Hardware:

    Link to: Wireless - Basic Configuration.

    Link to: Wireless Security.

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    yeah, I'm with Jack, there are many possible solutions to your problem, but the easiest/most cost-effective would be to just buy a wireless router. If it' sjust temporary until he leaves you can probably find an 802.11b model for ~$50US.

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