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    Thx 1138.....

    To be released on 9/14/2004

    From what I understand, this movie was being made before George Lucas started on the Star Wars series, and then and it was never released because he was too wound up in Star Wars. I wanna check it out, looks cool.
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    That movie looks familiar. Robert Duval looks awfully young. I thought that was already released ages ago and thats where they got the THX sound scheme from that movie name. I bet its recycled.

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    it says itd a Directors Cut and going to DVD i think that original movie was released wasn't it? I remember seeing THX in a movie title from him....
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    It was out before:

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    The movie was released some time ago. If I am not mistaken it was his first commercially released movie. I believe you can see the alphanumeric 'THX-1138' in all of George Lucas' movies somewhere. I remember reading that the probe droid in the beginning of Empire Strikes Back had the serial no. of THX-1138.

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    If you look you can find it on Vhs at Blockbuster
    ..... I watched it about 5 years ago.
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