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Thread: tweaking my download

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    Post tweaking my download

    I have a 384k dsl modem. Is there anything I can do to get any thing more out of it. Currently it averages about 311k on the msn bandwidth test

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    The person you should ask about this dannyjr, the dsl king!

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    Well, i can give you one tip if you are using msn bandwidth as your gauge for speed, hit refresh 2-3 times on your browser after the first test- then check your speed results : j/k what tweaks if any have you used? The ones found on this site have worked great for me and many others. Many knowledgable people here im sure can help ya out but they will need a little more info, like what os you have, what are your current settings, are you comfortable changing your registry settings, and do you have a recent backup of your registry?(I always forget that one)

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    Cable Guy


    Try for tweeks

    If only she was mine *sigh*

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    The MSN test if very inaccurate due to it being very cache sensitive. Try and Remember, w/DSL u will only get about 85% of ur rated speed due to transmission overhead. Since u have a 384kbps connection, the max that u can get is about 326kbps or 40KBps. If ur not getting this, try the SpeedGuide patch that corresponds w/ur OS as it may help u achieve ur max.

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