Hi, I have a problem with my wireless connection on my desktop. I have the Linksys BEFW11S4 access point, and some Belkin USB adapter for the desktop. My desktop always recognizes two networks: my network and another one called 2wire11. My network isn't being broadcasted, so I had to manually type in the settings for it in the "Wireless Networks" window. Anyway, the 2wire one has little to almost no signal, while mine is almost always 100%. For some reason, I think the adapter or windows, whichever one, searches for new networks at 30 minute intervals. Almost every 30 minutes, the adapter disconnects from my network and attempts to connect to the 2wire one. Since the signal strength is so low, it never ever connects to it. Then it takes a few more minutes to actually get back and connect to my own network. I already deleted the 2wire network from my preferred networks list, but the adapter still recognizes it. Is there any way I can stop windows or the adapter from even seeing it, or from disabling that network all together? Or have it so it ALWAYS connects to my network, and my network only, without searching for others? It's pretty annoying because it always disconnects then tries to connect to 2wire. I used to have the same problem with my laptop, but for some reason, it doesn't do it anymore. Anyone have any suggestions?