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Thread: Stuff for sale + I WTB/WTTF stuff, check it out and see if you have what I need

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    Stuff for sale + I WTB/WTTF stuff, check it out and see if you have what I need

    I would like to buy or trade for 1x512MB PC100/133 144pin SODIMM for an IBM Thinkpad 600E. I would also consider buying 2x256MB of the same.

    I may also be interested in an IDE CDRW with at least 24x write capabilities with a black face.

    If you want several items on the list maybe I can toss in some cash towards a black face DVDR/CDRW IDE drive.

    I would also be interested in 256MB NVidia based video cards.

    The items I have for trade are all used, however in excellent to new condition.

    I don't really have any heatware but I have positive evals from Ebay.

    **DISCLAIMER** I put this next part in because I posted this on more than one board. SG members whom I have known for several years need not worry about this part, we will work something out.

    I am willing to pay first or ship first to traders with excellent heatware/ebay evaluations ONLY AFTER speaking in person over the phone and swapping full and complete contact information including phone, address and if you are under 18, I must speak with your parents before any deals are finalized.

    Sorry to be so **** but I don't deal online often and I really dont want trolls sending me offers.

    Now, to the goods that I have to trade/sell. Prices are somewhat negotiable as I am not entirely up to speed on prices but please don't lowball me for the sake of reselling the gear. Prices are BEFORE shipping, I will ship via your preferred method.

    Thanks everyone!

    Abit BX133 RAID BX133 Raid MOBO info ~40$ ?*SOLD*

    Intel Pentium 3 850E 100mhz FSB processor. ~35$?*SOLD*

    Dell Full size docking station with detachable slip on monitor stand. Works with the dell CPiA line of dell laptops. 35$?

    2x4GB IBM 4500RPM Laptop HD with caddys that fit Dell CPiA line of Dell laptops. 20$?each

    Dell power cords for CPiA laptops 5$?

    Dell 24x CDROM drives for CPiA laptops 15$?

    2x256MB Crucial PC133 CAS 2 SDRAM 25$?ea?*SOLD*

    IBM Deskstar 40G 7200RPM HD35$?

    Abit KT7A AMD Socket A mobo 45$?*SOLD*

    AMD Athlon 1333 133Mhz FSB processor35$?*SOLD*

    Creative SB Live! Sound card 20$?

    Logitech Extreme 3D PRO with original box / drivers / manuals Like new condition, used less than 8 hours. 25$?

    Netgear Router 1 Ethernet WAN port 1 100Mb LAN port.
    Model number RT311 but I couldnt find it online. Works like a champ, I just upgraded to the Netgear 814v2 Wireless router. 15$?

    I have several PCI 10/100Mbit Ethernet cards as well as kind of "freebies" to anyone I make a deal with or 5$ each.

    Please post here for offers, I can't guarantee that I will be able to respond more than 1x per day in the evening, but I will try to respond in as timely a manner as possible.

    Thank you for viewing,

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