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Thread: Well I could be giving up on AVG...

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    Question Well I could be giving up on AVG...

    Yep, almost there, I am running the latest version of AVG Pro 7.0, and no matter what I try it will NOT scan incoming and outgoing emails. And seeing that their site that is in actual english has been down for what a year or so now? I am real close to biting the bullet and going back to Norton. If anyone has any ideas feel free to post or PM me, and yes I have tried unistalling it and installing it a ton of times and checking off the "personal email scanner" as well as the "MS Outlook" plugin and still SQUAT . I have never had this problem for about 2 years now up until a month or so back and still nothing can fix it...Any ideas??
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    I thought you had it fixed.

    What email client are you using?

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