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Thread: need to optimize my pos.

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    need to optimize my pos.

    ok so ill probly get the award for the biggest pos here. but hey what can i do. i got a GA-BX2000(old i know) and i want to get the most out of it. currenlty i have a P!!! 733(again i know) with 160 mbs of ram. i want to know if its worth putting money in or putting it in the trash. i need to know how to get this mofo. mobo to go as fast as it can.


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    I upgrade your system. How much money do you want to put into a new system?

    I know what would be a good use for that computer.
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    Is it worth to put money in it, to upgrade?
    that's up to YOU to decide

    you can only get so much of an improvement..
    but if you're not playing any/a lot of games or old games, than what you have now will be just fine.

    if you want to upgrade it.
    I'd upgrade the RAM first.
    then it would be between HDD and Graphics Card

    Good luck finding a proc for a decent enough price..

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    What do you do with it?
    What games (if any) do you play?
    What OS is currently on it?
    What's your graphics card?

    A midrange PIII...only so much you can do with it, compared to todays standards. The bus speeds and memory type are much slower. Even if you could overclock it into the mid 900's.....really only a small performance gain. But....that's where I'd start, as those Coppermines took to OC'ing quite well.
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    my guess would be that your idea for the comp would be a server. i know ive been told that. actually the guy at the store wanted it when i went to buy parts.
    as to how much? i think there is really only so much i can spend on this thing. right?
    so any info is worth looking at. thanx m4a2tot.

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    i will upgrade the RAM. thanx.
    how much is enough? depends on what im doing. right? well thats not too much.
    music, internet, and word processing are the three main things that i do. i do play games but as you might have guessed i am kind of limited.
    so the mobo. will hold like a gig of it. is that really necessary?or just straight up overkill? thanx man.

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    well games? not much. im limited (as you can tell)
    os? windows 98 se.
    graphics card?well that is something that can/should definatly be done.
    and what do i do? music, games, and word processing. and internet.
    as to oc'ing this thing, how much longer can i actually expect this thing to last if i do that? im not opposed to it i just need to know if she's gonna go up in smoke if i do.

    my guess is that the good thing about having an old comp is that people know what can be done , and they know how reliable they are after its done.

    so if you can make any suggestions as to what wil do the best on this board it will be appreciated.


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