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Thread: How do i connect to my friends dsl using dial-up?

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    How do i connect to my friends dsl using dial-up?

    ok, i live in the sticks so no DSL/cable is available currently in my area. I would like to know if its possible to connect to my cousin's DSL using Windows Connection Wizard. After clicking on "connect to my network at my workplace", would i use the first or second option:
    1. Dial-up connection
    2. VPN connection

    now im think to use the first choice b/c it allows me to use my normal dial up service to dial into "host name or ip". After making the connection using my normal dial-up service and my cousin's ip, i now need a user name and password to connect. how do i obtain this user name and password??

    is their an alternative way of connect to my cousin's DSL??!!?
    thx and would appreciate some info on this thx

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    it wouldn't be worth your time to dial into cousins dial up without going to technical you would see the same bandwith as dialup...

    Have you looked into satalite??
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    ur telling me these no way to share his dsl remotely, i need some info
    lets get technical

    o and have u looked into satalite prices lately?!?!?!?

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    o and why couldnt i achieve similiar speeds?

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    ok if you logon to that computer using vpn that dsl speed won't carry to your comptuer that is there locally on your cousins so if you use vpn you still would only get the vpn or dial up speeds that bandwith doesn't transfer like that..
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    You will still be limited by the amount of bandwidth that your modem and a dial up connection can provide, about 33.6 k

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    It's true... your bandwidth will be limitted to 33kbps... even you will use a 56kbps modems (both side) most modems has only 33.6kbps max upstream(Upload) and 56kbps downstream (download) and your telephone line condition also must count. Even if your Tel. Company can supprt 56kbps line speed, but the modem can only handle 33.6 max upstream. don;t be confuse if the modem is rated 56Kbps. 56kbps is for download only. and the upload of that modem is 33.6kbps only (in a rare cases some modems can handle 48kbps Upload).

    If you will use a standard 56kbps modem, 33kbps is for your upload. and the 56kbps is for your download that a modem. Now if your cousin will also use the same modem as yours (56Kbps) your cousin can only upload data to you at 33kbps speed because thats the limit upload speed of the modem.

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