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Thread: Is it possible to dial into my friends dsl using dial up?

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    Post Is it possible to dial into my friends dsl using dial up?

    Yeah, just wondering if its in any way possible, if so is it leagle?. Windows connection wizard has the abiltiy to "connect to a netwrok at my workplace", either using dial-up connection, or VPN connection. Which one of these would i use(if possible) to connect to my friend. Id really like to know if there is any way at all to do this.

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    where is your friend in relation to you?

    also this should be in the General cable/dsl fourm or the Networking fourm
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    thx 4 your reply and i will take this to the cable/dsl forum

    he lives not 2 far away in same area code. dsl is avaible not in my area but less than 3miles down the road... wtf

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    and the point would be? you will still be limited to the speeds of your modem ....
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    The answer is "Yes"...but as noted, you're still limited by your dial up speeds. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!" Your dial up entry to his will have a setting to "User remote gateway" which you'll want to check.

    His computer would have to have RAS running and a dial up modem to accept your calling him. Hopefully it's a local call for you to him. Then if it's legal or not depends on his contract with his ISP.
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    Additional info

    3Mbps/386Kbps DSL PPPoA via local phone company, Speedstream modem/wireless.

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