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Thread: looking to buy a new camera,need advice

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    looking to buy a new camera,need advice

    hi guys,

    im looking to buy a digital camera, i was thinkin in the 5MP or higher range
    something that if i run out of batteries in a different country , ill have battery access.
    i dont have a clue about the memory card brands and if they are universal
    though i think the higher the MP the fewer pictures the memory stick saves.

    i was thinkin about buying a canon, in the 5MP range ,

    suggestions needed

    later guys

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    You cannot go wrong with Canon, IMO. Good choice!
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    I recently bought a Casio QX-40. Only $299 for 4 megapixels and 3x zoom. Very high quality camera. Love it.
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    Definitely stick with Canon. Any of the powershots are great cameras

    When buying memory, just make sure it is Compact Flash, any brand will be fine. And with 5MP you should look into 256MB+ cards.

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