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Thread: Router disconnecting problem

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    Router disconnecting problem

    Ok here is the deal. I have a LinkSYS router hooked up to 2 comps one downstairs and one upstairs. The one downstairs that is with the cable modem is working fine but the one here that is hooked up to the router, well their both hooked up to the router but what im saying is that the one downstairs is with the cable modem next to it. Well anyway i got home just now and my aim said "connection lost"' I keep my aim on downstairs under a different screename. I signed back on just now and it was still on and its been on for 2 days now. But the one upstairs got disconnected and its on the same router. Please this is real wierd. I also use cable nut and the tcp optimizer. I guess it helped the one downstairs but this one keeps getting disconnected. Any help please, I need help with this my operating system is windows 98 second edition thanks.

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    Please be more specific. AIM being disconnected is not the same as your router disconnecting. Can you Browse the internet? can you ping the router?, can you access the router gui? A lot of data flowing through a router is often the culprit of router freezes.

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