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Thread: Cheap Ethernet 80-port 10/100 switch?

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    Question Cheap Ethernet 80-port 10/100 switch?

    Hi, I need to buy new Ethernet 10/100 switch equipment for 80 PCs, but for a simple network with no complex topologies. And they're only using standard network applications (printer sharing, Internet sharing, etc). So only looking for cheap unmanaged switching.

    There are plenty of unmanaged 48-port 10/100 switches with 1-2 gigabit copper uplink ports from Netgear, D-Link, etc, for only $500. I could buy two and link them via the gigabit as the cheapest solution.

    But going above that to a switch with 72, 80, or 96 ports, seems the territory of much more expensive Layer 2/3 managed switches (even modular switches). Similarly, getting a 48-port switch with full-bandwidth stacking connection (non-blocking backplane) so I can link two of them without a bottleneck, seems quite expensive too.

    For example, the HP ProCurve 4108GL is a huge modular 72-port switch for around $4500. The HP ProCurve 4000M (another modular switch configured with 40 ports standard) costs around $1750 plus nearly $2000 to fill it to 80 ports.

    The Cisco Catalyst 2980G-A is a fixed 80-port switch with 4 GBIC slots for around $6500. The Foundry Networks FastIron Edge FES9604 is a fixed 96-port switch with 4 GigE ports/GBIC slots for $7000+.

    Are there any good deals that I don't know about? Do you think getting two unmanaged 48-port switches for only $1000 total, and linking them via gigabit is good enough?

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    Hmmm...well, first, think of a few things, or rather, lets take a look at a few things.

    80 PC's...I know you said "And they're only using standard network applications (printer sharing, Internet sharing, etc)"....but any shared applications at all? Even some accounting programs, or some database programs?

    Any servers on your network? If so, how many, what kind, what roles are they playing, services, e-mail, etc.

    Any future plans for the network?

    What kind of internet pipe coming in to feed the 80 PCs, how fat is the pipe?

    And a pretty aggressive company, Compex.

    Take a peek at their switches.
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