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Thread: How is EVDO for gaming?

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    How is EVDO for gaming?


    A friend of mine which lives on the country doesnt have any access to DSL/CABLE, so he was looking for aleternatives, Satelital is not an option since it has to high pings. But a company is offering now EvDO, which is something related to 3G, but I dont know, nor I have any experience with it. So I wanted to ask you if anybody has any expirience with this tecnology, specially pings/gaming.

    They are offering a service that ranges beetween 144K to 2mgs.

    Thanks for any opinions or info you can give me,

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    I've had Verizon EVDO for a couple of weeks now and it's great for what it is. I'm in the Dallas, Texas area and get a consistent 400-500kb down and 102-107 up. The connection is rock solid and I have yet to be disconnected.

    I'm not a gamer so I have no clue if that's fast enough for you but for checking email at stoplights it's great.

    I had a problem the second day I had it in that it slowed from a tested dl of 999kb to 23kb, ouch. I called tech and we went through the drill and got no joy until we turned off the compression software called Venturi, I have had no trouble since but I've never gotten 999kb on a test again either.

    EVDO Rev. A is coming which will sport a dl speed of 3megs. This is going to get interesting because that speed will allow VoIP which may stop developement of EVDV because it would be unnecessary.

    EVDO runs on a separate data channel and is not affected by increases in voice traffic, EVDV will be on vioce channels and will be affected...which would you prefer?


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