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Thread: New Thread with Value to All for All

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    New Thread with Value to All for All

    I just thought that I'd start this thread in the hopes that others will come on board. The purpose of this thread will be to simply post a new word that you have either heard recently in conversation or discovered through literature you are reading. (excluding the dictionary of course)

    We all have experienced at one time or another the 'evolution' of our expanding vocabulary so I merely postulate the idea that we all share these common events with each other via this thread.

    I state thus in the hopes to keep everyone in focus and in unison ideologically so as the thread continues it can maintain its intended purpose:

    1. Please limit yourself to sharing one word per user per day. Needless to say, anyone can open a dictionary and blot a word and definition...let me reiterate that the point here is to share those 'experiences' when one gains linguistical fluidity and brevity as we live our everyday lives.

    I am confident that my breif mention of this next request is unnecessary but just the same...

    2. Please do not make comments in reference to someone else's word input. I think this will keep purpose focused so as to illiminate the possible "missed fate" as we have all seen in various threads. [ Those thread 'subject slips' which usually arise from opinionated spouts and soapbox rants. ]

    3. Finally, it would be most proper if the format we all abide by is to simply write the subject word and the single DICTIONARY DEFINITION appropriate to your particular case senerio. Sometimes there are a number of meanings to one particular word so only define that one which was circumstantial to your prior exposure and experience.

    I will start by posting an example of what I envision:

    amalgamate - combine or unite to form one structure, organization, etc.

    I hope others like this idea and also partake accordingly.




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    Propensity - An innate inclination; a tendency.

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