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Thread: Need help with the Hosts file

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    Need help with the Hosts file


    I read something the other day about hosts files. Can someone explain to me what this file is ? I went into mine, and there were a couple of hundred things listed there. Besides " Local Host " , everything seemed to be Kazaa and junk related. I have tried several times to delete all that stuff, and it seems to disappear . But when I go back and open it again, it's all back on. How do I delete it permanently ? And is it okay to delete everything ( except the local host file ) ? Once I deleted it, I saved the changes, but that still doesn't seem to help. Thanks


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    This site has a good explanation of what the hosts file is, and what it can do for you.

    The entries presently in your hosts file were probably put there by a program you use in order to protect you from spyware sites. Good thing they are being rewritten even after you delete them, saves you from yourself

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    When I added several entrys to my hosts file it lagged my computer on load/shutdown.

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    Thanks for the reply. I guess it's good that those things are listed. I was told to empty the file, so I was confused. I often see " Action Cancelled " on a page where I THINK there is supposed to be an ad. Is it because of the host file ? Also, there are a couple of sites that I have problems accessing. is one of them - it always says " Page Cannot be Displayed ". Also, another lets me get only so far, then tells me I need to enable my cookies to go any further. They ARE enabled, but it still won't work.Could this be related to the hosts file at all ?

    Thanks : )


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