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Thread: I know some of you will like this website...

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    Lightbulb I know some of you will like this website...

    Yo yo yo...

    I have made it a strict practice to always save those exceptional and above average websites to my Favorites List. Having said that, I want to give Fair Warning...which is my all-time favorite album by the those who act likewise or who will start this practice,,,to always keep in mind that it is paramount to physically go to the location of your Favorites List Folder and make a back-up copy which should be kept on a seperate hard drive. It is a bum deal to discover that all your attempts at saving and organizing the outstanding websites on the internet has proven to be nothing more then hours of work achieving futility.

    I confidently predict that almost all of you will agree that this website ranks amung those others that you have come to depend on and value.

    Please make sure that you really delve into this site because it is extremely matter who the researcher might be.



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    I've had New Scientist bookmarked for a few years now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burke
    I've had New Scientist bookmarked for a few years now.
    Ditto but thanks for the share

    r u xprincD
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    Are there naked ladies on that site. If not it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Respect it.

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