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Thread: DSL Connection fluctuates dramatically.

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    JaZZ ThE KaMi

    Unhappy DSL Connection fluctuates dramatically.

    I've a problem...for some aDSL connection quality has been good one day and crappy the other days...right now I'm downloading at 10.2 k/s...yay. Normally I get at least 30k/s - 60 k/s... I also have the same problem playing on game servers (quake 2) I notice that my ping is usually around it's 250+, The speedguide DSL tweak seems to have stopped working or something, and i even tried iSpeed, got some great results yesterday...but today connection sucks again. and even iSpeed ain't helping. wtf? someone please tell me. Thanks.

    -JaZZ ThE KaMikaze

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    Welcome to Speed Guide JaZZ ThE KaMi...

    Try reaplying the tweaks.

    Also, who is your provider and what is the purchased speed package?


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