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Thread: ethernet router-->DLINK router -->LINKSYS AP? NOOOB HERE...

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    Question ethernet router-->DLINK router -->LINKSYS AP? NOOOB HERE...

    Trying to get a linksys access point to extend the range of my wireless range. i have a dlink router....Can i use the linksys to connect to the dlink router to extend the range or vice versa?

    OK basically, i got a ethernet router, a wireless router and a WAP. I want to have my ethernet router connected to the internet. Then i want wireless router conneced to my router connected to the ethernet, with 3 wired connected to the ethernet router. with the wireless router i will connenct more wired comps, and then connect the linksys AP. Can this be done with all the comps seeing each other in network? Also, does the AP need to be wired the the wireless router, or can it be put anywhere in the house and act as an extender of the wireless?

    my main goal, is for the Ap to be connected to the network to increase range, whether wired or not... I need to no what to see in each of the router setups. RIght now, all i got is the AP and Wireless router both broadcasting signals from the ethernet router. but the comps connected to the wireeless router don't see the other comps, and the range isnt much more cuz the AP and wireless router are so close together (around 20 feet)
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