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Thread: post your house survey pics......

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    post your house survey pics......

    ....scanned mine to burn to a CD for safe keeping, cropped it to post here, think i should make my neighbors move their fences, they are on my property by a few inches LOL

    yes i am that bored
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    I'd be all about it ... but currently, I live in an Apt. I am house shopping though

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    I've heard of people who buy a house that has someone elses fence on their property, but since it had been there for such a long time, they couldn't make the neighbor move it.

    Get it done NOW if you every want to do it.

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    I made a point to put little posts in the ground behind the surveyors lines, the biggest problem is when my neighbors built a fence, they purposefully didn't build to the property line so unless I want to look at it growing out of control, I have to mow "their yard."
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