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Thread: Connecting a LAN printer to LPT2

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    Connecting a LAN printer to LPT2


    I am not quite sure whether this post belongs to this forum, anyway, if I'm mistaken, somebody will, hopefully, move it to the right one.

    The point is: there are twon computers, one of them running Win-XP Home, with an Epson LQ570 matrix printer installed and shared. The other computer is runnig Win-XP Pro (with a Hp inkjet printer, hooked to LPT1). Both computers share resources. Running in the Pro system there is an MS-Dos app that needs to print to the Epson printer. I can install the Epson printer in the Pro computer, but the trouble is that I can not tell the XP Pro system to put that printer onto the LPT2 port. Whenever I try to install it, Xp fires the (#@~)wizard and , on its own, install the printer onto the LPT1 port.
    Yesterday we had an old pc running WIN98 SE, and there was no trouble at all. When we installed the printer we could choose whether we wanted to print from MS-DOS and then we could choose, as well, what port to use.
    Is there a way to instruct Win Xp Pro on the way we want to set up this printer?


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    You could try redirecting the port on the xp pro machine if theprinter is shared on the xp home.

    net use lpt2: \\xphomepc\epson.

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    Thanks for your help, objohn, I'll try your solution next monday.

    Thanks again

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    HP D5160 PHOTOSMART INKJET PRINTER stopped working immediately after installing new generic print ink? My computer and printer acts like it is ready and then it just sets there. I have heard that Epson may have done something so I can't use the ink that is not theirs. Is there anything I can do?

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    Purchase official ink cartridges officially designed for your model printer, remove the generic ink cartridges, replace with official cartridges. May have to run a cleaning utility in your drivers toolkit. Might have to even have the printer physically cleaned if the generic ones leaked all over the caddies.
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