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Thread: Server's empty

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    Server's empty

    Warriors, come out and Play-e-aaaaaay!!!

    And yes, IRS I know this dates me a bit.

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    I'll be ther in a few minutes.

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    ya, just rolled in from work. need to get cleaned up and settled in.... will be heading in at about 3:45pm PST or so.
    "Today is a black day in the history of mankind."

    - Leo Szilard

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    your like OLD and stuff

    wifes got a headache so its going to be a wile before I can get in there
    You make it, We take it !

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    Give me a few minutes. I'm on the phone with Dell tech support. Seems my 1394 controller went tits up.
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    Will be there in about an hour or so ... * brews up some coffee while he play Yugio with the princess *
    Network Engineer for Linux/Windows/Netware servers and connectivity for remotes sites via VPN in Roanoke, VA.

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