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Thread: D-Link 504T ping problem

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    D-Link 504T ping problem

    I received this morning my D-Link DSL 504T router. I plugged the wires, everything, I went into the options, I setted out everything like in the manual. Then it said that I can go on the internet using my browser. So I opened my web browser but I got "Time out".

    I'm connected to the internet, it says in the DSL Status log, and I also checked the System log file and it said "ip address" and "dns 232.3343.343" etc, etc. So I know that I am connected. When I ping my PC from the router I get a reply. When I ping my router from my pc it also works. But when I ping a website's IP from my PC I get time out. But when I ping the same website's IP from the router I get a reply. I don't understand. Can someone please explain to me what I need to do, or what I need to enable on the router to get it all sorted out. I would really appreciate it. Thanks...


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    Is ok, I got it sorted.

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    Oh, I forgot, can somone please expain to me why does my "Status" light keeps flashing? I looked in the manual but on luck. So if somone can please explain to me that would be great thanks.

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