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Thread: "The maximum service distance is 1800 feet for Verizon..." I'm 2800 feet away. Help?

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    "The maximum service distance is 1800 feet for Verizon..." I'm 2800 feet away. Help?

    I recently intsalled the DSL modem. I checked the service-ready date and everything. When I tested it, it was even slower than my old dial-up connection.

    When I called their Customer Service line, they told me that the maximum distance for guaranteed service is 1,800 feet. Then they told me that I was 2,800 feet away. When I asked for a solution, they told me to go to So I did.

    So, what should I do? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Couple of odd things here.

    Most DSL ISP's service up to 17,500 feet, some G-Lite DSL flavors to 22,500 feet and even 24,000 feet.

    But under 3,000 feet...I'd call and get another rep. You're well within distance where you should be running blazingly fast.

    Main thing is...they should not have even turned on your DSL is you weren't within acceptable distance for DSL service...that's a check that's done ahead of time, when you call to first setup your account.

    Some things to try to speed up your computer, follow the advice in this link...
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    Thanks. I'm not sure if I can benefit from that (not too smart on comps), but I'll try anyway.

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    I could help you out with the tweaking i need windows version and also take a tcpip analyzer below me cut and paste everything below ip information in a new reply. What is the service the plain you signed up for the 768up and 128down or the 1500/128 up?? What speeds are you getting now??
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    Give it some time man.

    When we first had Veriozn DSL I got the call that our line was ready, so I was all gidy and plugged everything in exactly like it said to.

    Alas - It didn't work. Every now and then I got a little bit of stuff, but it was slow and scarce. I called tech support and they said everything was ok on their end. Told me to try a few things, which I tried, but none of which fixed the problem. She wanted to issue a trouble ticket but I refused, said I was going to mess around with it first to see if I could fix things. She highly recommended I issue the ticket, I still didn't, though. ANyways, later on I play around with it some more, didn't get anything, more and more, didnt get anything. I finally accedentally crashed out computer, and when I got it restarted everything worked fine. I know crashing the computer wasn't the problem because I had tried it on several computers and it worked. Anyways - This didn't work until about 30 hours after they said the line was ready.

    Note - I'm very close to them. I could walk there in a few minutes, so.
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