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Thread: Chop Or Not?

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    Chop Or Not?

    Have your feelings been hurt by a random act of E-Thuggery? If so, call 1-800-Waaaaahmbulance, we're here 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, to take your call, you could be due a large monetary settlement, don't delay, call now.

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    I sure hope so...

    but you never know....these europeans are CRAZY, I tell ya

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    did u type anything jim? i dont even see a sig...
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    I don't think it is. That reflection of the hitch in the first pic looks tough to photochop.
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    definatly dont think so..and if so someone needs help..real bad

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    the pics are a chop, I zoomed in on it has blocks of color that have clearly been chopped, great work though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by incrediblecain
    the first pic is a chop, I zoomed in on it has blocks of color that have clearly been chopped, great work though.
    Are you sure about that?

    I'm a chopper too, but this is some crazy nice stuff. If it is, whoever did it is one hecka talented.
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    I'd say at the most is that someone cleaned up the pic.
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    I would have to say that it is NOT a chop. I go to many a rod run show and see where guys do this all the time to make trailers to match their cars. The one in the back may have been a car that got hit in the front and rather then fix it the person may have decided to make a trailer out of it.

    Here is a sample:

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    Wow, that's amazing!

    The beer van is on it's way! lol

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